EMDR: What can I expect

  • Your EMDR therapist will gather a complete history from childhood to the present, including difficulties being experienced and desired outcomes.

  • Coping and stabilization skills will be taught and practiced.
    • “Does the client have the ability to regulate himself/herself when experiencing difficult emotions?”
    • Your support system is identified and addressed as needed and appropriate.

  • “Resourcing” is engaged in to increase the adaptive information needed to process difficult memories and situations.
    • Resourcing can be defined as identifying and capitalizing on positive experiences and additional positive/helpful information that is needed to process the trauma.
    • Resourcing with a slow bilateral stimulation creates pathways in the brain for easier retrieval for future use.

  • A “target list” will be created, focusing on the events/memories that are disturbing, which are then rated for levels of disturbance.

  • The therapist and client collaborate in choosing which target to process first.

  • The chosen target is processed.

  • After processing the target, the client has made sense of the past surrounding the target. The emotional charge is gone and the client has new meaning about himself/herself and the world around them.

  • Any feelings in the body related to the disturbing event are addressed and processed

  • Future templates are run (What will I do when I’m faced with a similar situation in the future)


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