KCA believes in the power of groups where individuals struggling with similar issues can grow in a safe environment with others just like them.

Parent Groups: We have ongoing parent groups using material from TBRI and CPRT methodologies. Both TBRI and CPRT are empirically sound, with research pointing to participants reporting increased connection and healthy control.

Building Connection: Growing a Strong Child-Parent Relationship: This is an 8-week group for parents of children and teenagers. The purpose is to build attachment/connection with your child/teen while learning how to discipline effectively without being punitive. This group has been highly successful in the past, with participants sharing an increased connection as well as increased confidence and knowledge in skills to use when in difficult situations. They also have shared how they did not feel so isolated in their difficulties with their children and felt relief in being able to share with others in a safe setting. You will learn the skills a play therapist utilizes in session and have the opportunity to become more attuned to those you love and care for. These groups will be 8 weeks in length. I believe this method of parenting plus the interaction with other parents facing what you experience will spur your personal growth and self-confidence along. It will help with the strong feelings of guilt some parents face – you will learn to be gentle on yourself as you move forward. Groups are held twice a year, beginning in January and September. Contact KCA for more details and cost.

Click Here for comments from those who have gone through the group.

TBRI Groups: Future groups including learning the TBRI model and implementing it with your children. This includes parents, caretakers (school, church, day-care workers of your children) and family members. More information will be posted when these groups become available.

Creative Arts Groups: These groups are usually 6 weeks in length, and are offered to clients working through similar issues through a hands-on approach that is designed for anyone, especially including those who do not consider themselves artists. The purpose to help reduce negative long- and short-term effects of their concerns through building connection with others, reducing a sense of isolation, creating opportunities for added insight and awareness, and developing a healthier sense of self. Contact KCA for more details and cost.

Growth Groups: These are adult groups designed to reach adults who wish to grow emotionally, relationally and spiritually, and learning the role of past events impacting their present level of functioning. This is a group for those who have already experienced individual therapy and are ready and willing to go deeper in a group setting.

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