Helpful Videos

"Healing Trauma" Public Awareness Film for EMDR Therapy:
"Something changed the first time I had EMDR and if I could put one word to it ... it would be hope." 

(Used with permission from the EMDR International Association)

"How EMDR Can Resolve Traumatic Memories That Formed You":                                                                                              
By Colleen West, LMFT, EMDR Certified Therapist

(Used by permission from Colleen West, LMFT)  


Helpful Short Video on EMDR and Children:

"Small Miracles" - EMDR with Children:
By Colleen West, LMFT, EMDR Certified Therapist
(Used with permission from Colleen West, LMFT)

A comment from Diane Kimball, LMHC: Colleen shows how EMDR can be used effectively with children. However when there is an attachment injury or profound/prolonged abuse, healing takes place over a longer period of time. Karyn Purvis, one of the cofounders of TBRI, believes that it takes 3 years in an attachment rich environment for a child to experience “felt safety.”  I have seen this with my clients who have come from hard places, where therapy is long. I believe EMDR enhances and speeds up the healing process for these children and their families.

A short EMDR Documentary:                                    
An excerpt from the documentary film EMDR directed and produced by Michael Burns.

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