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KCA was created to become a “trauma center,” dedicated to working with adults, teenagers and children experiencing the effects of trauma and attachment wounding.  We believe that the root of our present difficulties can be traced back to things in the past including traumatic events, abuse or neglect, or parenting wounds, whether intentional or unintended.  Negative beliefs about ourselves can be traced back to earlier developmental periods in our lives, and here at KCA, we understand how that impacts us body, soul, and spirit.

We work with children and families to help make sense of difficult behaviors, and to guide children into verbalizing feelings and needs, instead of their behavior, to communicate with safe caregivers.  We provide play therapy and expressive arts to assist children and teens in resolving trauma and abuse, whether big or small.  We provide effective parenting groups dedicated to teaching parents play therapy skills to empower and connect with their children in a consistent manner. Parents often see a marked decrease in family conflict and experience an increase of healthy control after their participation in one of our parent groups.

We specialize in working with adults who deal with the effects of PTSD, complex trauma, dissociative symptomology, and difficulties with peer and intimate relationships. Another focus of KCA is in working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum, from childhood through adulthood.

Anything that impacts our level of functioning is worth noticing and addressing in a compassionate and skilled manner. We use EMDR, Expressive Arts, Play Therapy, as well as traditional talk therapy to address your needs and concerns.

Our team is dedicated to ongoing training and skill development with weekly meetings and trainings designed to create higher levels of competence in all our therapists.