Adoption can be a difficult experience for many families.  Pre-adoptive families reach out wanting to help children from hard places, but often are not equipped to deal with the emotional, behavioral and sensory issues that often plague these children and teenagers. Many children are in a constant state of fight, flight or freeze, which affects their ability to focus, regulate their emotions, interact appropriately in social situations, and function in school.  We frequently observe that after the adoption is finalized,  parents struggle with knowing what to do and where to turn.

Many KCA therapists are Adoption Competent through the State of Florida, and have received additional specialized training in working with adoptive children, siblings and their parents. We offer individual and group therapy, and recognize that all family members may need help working through trauma symptoms related to adoption issues. We also work with pre-adoptive families and couples, providing consultation, TBRI training and group therapy as needed before adoption is finalized.

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