Autism Spectrum Disorders

KCA is skilled in working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum.  Many of our therapists have received lengthy training, and understand what is needed to help your child, teenager, or adult child move toward a full productive life. This includes skill building in emotion identification and regulation, developing theory of mind skills in present relationships, processing difficult social and employment situations, and preparing for independence in life.  A big focus is in increasing flexible thinking, and EMDR is used to provide greater integration of what is learned.  EMDR is also used to process anxiety, trauma and uncertainty that is often experienced with a diagnosis of ASD.

For ASD adults who contact KCA specifically to work through issues related to their own symptomology, a careful intake is done, with collaboration on goals you want to help you achieve greater satisfaction and functioning in life.  We also assist in preparing individuals (children through adults) for a psychological evaluation when seeking a diagnosis of ASD, documenting your history and symptomatology, so that you can move more confidently into an evaluation.

We provide parents of all ages with skills to navigate difficulties within the family unit. When a family works together, the positive changes increase all levels of growth and will bring about increased sense of connection and harmony within the home.