Kimball Counseling Therapists

Maka'ela Murphy

Master's level student Intern

Life is like a journey. Sometimes that journey feels smooth sailing, but other times, it seems like a never-ending uphill climb. Sometimes you just feel plain stuck and may be wondering, “What’s going on?” “How did I get here?” “Is my child okay?” As a Master’s-Level Student Intern from Palm Beach Atlantic University, I would like to first acknowledge the step you have taken to consider counseling.

I love working with children and teens in creative ways to bring about their healing. I use play therapy to reach my young clients and expressive arts and interactive interventions with all of my child and teenage clients. My approach to counseling is holistic, collaborative, and relational, with the goal of creating a safe space where children and teens feel welcome to simply come as they are, without fear of judgment.

I also recognize the importance of working together with you, as their parent or caregiver, through a teamwork approach to support your child through their counseling process.  Although the journey is not always easy, I do believe that your child has a unique capacity to heal, learn, and grow. I look forward to connecting with you!

To contact Maka'ela directly, please email her at or call 407-960-3330